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If you are having trouble sticking to your old burned up workout routine while feeling alone and not having fun, you are most likely in the majority. In fact, most regular workout routines get boring after the first few months. Even if you see some preliminary results, they can be hard to hang on to and without making serious planning changing it up, most people usually end up quitting. CrossFit Appleton can put these and all your other workout worries behind you!

Our approach is based on three core areas of focus.

Our Fitness Approach
We are determined to bring you the best, most complete workout everyday. We center on a functional workout that will translate directly into your daily life, giving you the strength needed to grab that last grocery bag, move that sofa by yourself, or show your little girl what weightless means. Forget boring, we rarely if ever do the same workout twice. Best of all are the tangible results our members achieve, hard (100% all in) exercise works, and that is why our members stay.

Our Coaching
Just important as our fitness approach, we strive for personal responsibility in our coaching. We teach proper lifting techniques and help you build solid, yet reachable goals and expectations. We help you measure your progress regularly and accurately so that you can see how far you’ve come. These are practices absolutely necessary to maintaing a high octane workout routine over time.

Our Community
Lastly, our community is a group of inspiringly driven individuals who are making the commitment to themselves to improve their health. While your coach will call or email you if you start missing classes, the community is also there to support your effort. We have a sense of family and community and CrossFit Appleton, and we truly care about your health.

Come see what it’s like to exceed all your workout goals and have fun doing it!
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