What is On-Ramp?

On-Ramp is an introduction to CrossFit. All new members to CrossFit Appleton go through On-Ramp to learn all of the foundational movements and to properly acclimate each member to jump into regularl classes with a thorough understanding of each movement. This ensures that new members are not overwhelmed and can properly execute all movements in a very safe and confident manner. During On Ramp there is also the option to go over diet and start a food plan to get you on the right path to fueling your body to get the most you can out of it, best thing there is no additional cost to you if you choose to do this!

How long is On-Ramp, and when does it start?
Option 1

Option 1 is a 2 week 1×1 program to get you up to speed on everything we do in our normal classes. The best part is, is it starts when you want it to! You will meet 3 times a week and will cover everything that you will need to know to get you up to speed and ready to join classes. Cost is $250, which gets you 6 personal training sessions, plus 2 weeks of our 3 day a week membership once you have completed the 2 week On Ramp program. If you are interested in signing up for this exciting program you can select Accelerated On Ramp option from the drop downs below and we will be in contact with you ASAP to get your schedule worked out. If you have any questions please email us at Ryan@crossfitappleton.com.

Option 2

Option 2 is a 2 week class based program that meets Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at either 6:30 AM or 7:30 PM. At the end of the 2nd week you will have 2 weeks of regular classes. The class will consist of all new CrossFitters so no need to feel scared or intimidated! It is a safe, super fun learning environment. Cost for class based On Ramp is $150.

Who will be teaching On-Ramp?

All sessions are taught by experienced coaches that have multiple industry certifications and have passed the CrossFit Level 1 Trainers course.

Is CrossFit or On-Ramp dangerous?

NO! We have the On-Ramp program so all members learn the movements in a slow-paced and safe environment. If you perform the movements with proper form you will eliminate the risk of severely hurting yourself. When practiced with good foundations, CrossFit is very safe, effective, and fun! All coaches are certified and will make sure that members have proper form and safety down!

Do you need to be in great shape to do CrossFit or On-Ramp?

NO! CrossFit is extremely scalable to ANY fitness level. If you have an injury or physical limitation our coaches will help you substitute a scaled movement so that you can still workout at a good intensity without fear of hurting yourself or further injuring yourself. You will find CrossFit can be scaled to ANY and ALL fitness levels! You will have the best workout of your life and have fun doing it!

What is the cost of On-Ramp?

1×1 On-Ramp costs $250, which consists of 6 personal training sessions and two weeks of our 3 day a week membership. Class based On Ramp is $150, which consists of 2 weeks of On Ramp classes and 2 weeks of regular classes. After you complete On-Ramp you will then be able to join the regular classes and at that time you can select a membership level that works for you. We offer memberships for 2x a week, 3x, a week, and unlimited.

How do I sign up for On-Ramp?

Its easy! Just select the type of On Ramp you would like to do from the drop downs below, click sign up and follow the instructions!