Zen Planner Update!!

Good afternoon CFA!

Just a quick little post/update about the new system at the gym. As a lot of you have already seen we have a whole new digital “white board”! This system is powered by software called Zen Planner. They are a neat little fitness company based out of the Denver Colorado area. This software is pretty cool and we are very excited about it. Some of the features that you have seen are the new monitors that have the work out and what they call the “FaceBoard”. Love this because now we don’t have to try and decipher Sam’s handwriting anymore! It also will track every lift and WOD that we program. It will take a little bit of time but getting all the scores entered during class will be just as easy as it was before, but now you can go back into your Zen Planner account and look up all your old scores! Say you come in for Open gym and do a lift that isn’t on the board, no problem, just use the Zen Planner App and log whatever you did manually. Another cool little feature is you can upload a profile photo so when you check into class we get to see your pretty little faces.

Another cool feature is all of the payment processing is handled through Zen Planner, so say good bye to PayPal! There are multiple ways of setting payments, one is with the standard Credit Card/Debit Card and the other is through EFT (electronic funds transfer). EFT is done right through your checking account and does not rely on one of the credit card companies for processing. What does this mean? It saves CFA and you a little bit of money! If you set up your new payment with EFT it will save you $5 dollars on your monthly membership! All you have to do is enter the discount code EFT when you are checking out and it will adjust your membership price for you. So what do you need to do to make the switch? Log into your PayPal account and check when your next payment is due. Then just cancel that payment before it processes again and then go to to set up your new membership. Zen Planner is set to process on the 1st of every month. So if you set up today it will prorate your membership for the remainder of this month and then process your full month on June 1st. For example if I sign up today for an Unlimited Membership at $150 per month, and use the discount code EFT which makes my payment $145 a month, it will prorate the remainder of this month at $67.58. Then on June 1st I will be billed the full $145.

To kick this all off we are going to use Zen Planner to have a little contest. Since we are now able to easily track the workouts that everyone completes at the gym we are going to program 500 burpees throughout the month of June. Based on how many burpees you complete throughout the month of June will determine your prize! So stay tuned for more details on that. In the meantime get your butt to gym and let’s get your profile set up if we haven’t already!

Some of you may have received emails with invoices from Zen Planner. Please disregard those as we had to upload some info from PayPal to get you all in the system.

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