Hey CFA members,

I wanted to write you guys a little update as to what you can expect in the next “cycle” (which seems to be the current buzz word in CrossFit at this time). We just spent a grueling 12 weeks completing a strength cycle that focused on the foundational lifts. It now has ended with two weeks of de-loading to be fresh for our maxes. Therefore, I hope you were smart and followed the percentages that were prescribed J.

For these next two weeks, expect to test your one rep maxes in your power lifts, followed by Olympic lifts the next week. Programming has been a lot of fun, but also a learning process. I recognize I don’t hit home runs every WOD, but my favorite athlete once said “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.  Thank you for being gracious and kind even when I may have over programmed something.

Since my bride and I have joined CFA in November 2015, one thing has been consistent: we have intensely focused on the core lifts of the fitness world as we know it. By no means is there anything wrong with that – who doesn’t love squats and deads and cleans? – but it’s time to take our CrossFit skills up a level. On Monday August 7th we will start the “cycle”, (mesocycle – or whatever the social media “experts” are calling it now). We will be focusing on different lifts we haven’t done as a box and ones we have not been doing for the past three months. Expect things such as snatch grip deadlifts, snatch grip push press, dead stop front squats, box squats, split jerks, and some complex work. For some of these lifts it will be important you develop a good foundation. We will stay light with some in the beginning to ensure everyone is doing these safe and properly.

Finally, I want to end with just thanking everyone for being so welcoming to Callie and I. As most of you know we moved here taking a chance on a job I got here in Appleton. We knew no one, but the members of CFA have made us feel at home. Let’s continue to have fun together, and continue to know our new members. I challenge you to do a few partner WODs with someone you never partnered with before and let’s continue to grow the community.

All the best,

Coach Steve

P.s. Your foundational lifts (squats, cleans, presses, etc) will NOT suffer and your maxes will not decrease. These movements will complement them; I am confident you’ll be pleased with how this new cycle will aid in challenging and progressing all aspects of your fitness. It’s always been CrossFit; it will always be CrossFit.

“Five or six days per week mix these elements in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow. Routine is the enemy. Keep workouts short and intense. Regularly learn and play new sports.” – Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit and CEO