Attention CFA members:


A new resource is available to you in your pursuit of health, wellness, lookin’ good, and feelin’ good.


Did you know that Coach Steve Huft is an occupational therapist who specializes in orthopedic rehabilitation of the upper body? He also has his Level 1 CrossFit Coaching certification AND has obtained his CrossFit Movement and Mobility certification AND is certified in the Selective Functional Movement Assessment. Mix these together, along with his intense passion for fitness and helping people “learn to move”, and you have yourself an invaluable resource for assessing, diagnosing, and treating all kinds of pains, limitations, and weaknesses.


Steve has started working alongside Eric Wallace, an independent physical therapist who has similar interests and is committed to “helping busy, active people in the Fox Valley heal quickly from aches and pains without medications or surgeries so they can hit PR’s in the gym, overperform at work, and spend time with family how they really want.”


Sounds pretty sweet, right?


If you’re feeling like your performance in the gym or at home is limited by some physical dysfunction, Steve can assess your movement with evidenced-backed screening tools. He can discover areas where you might be lacking in stability, symmetry, or strength, and he can prescribe you stretches, exercises, and drills for rehabilitation and to thrive in whatever you want or need to do.


Steve is available Wednesday mornings and potentially on the weekends, by appointment only. If you have questions about services or rates, or want to set up an appointment, reach out here: [email protected] or – probably the easiest option – catch him at CFA (he coaches Tuesday nights, is a member of FaithWod on Wednesday nights, and is training pretty much every other evening).


For more information about Dr. Wallace or Motus Rx, visit

W5361 County Rd KK

Appleton WI 54915